The Ageless Home™ Building Consultant

When it comes to building homes in America there’s a variety of homeowners with different needs, different circumstances and different tastes. As it stands today, 1% of housing inventory is considered user friendly for all. The current design isn’t working for ALL ages.

Why aren’t we building homes that engage everyone, all the time, the first time? We need homes that embrace people throughout their lifespan and grows with them through every need.

Introducing The Ageless Home™ 

The Ageless Home™ is a house that through design and product placement, allows anyone regardless of age to function in it independently. A house that ages with its residents. A house that’s inviting to any guest. A concept that fits into builders’ current home designs and is a solution to a national problem of inadequate inventory.

Some features that are considered Ageless:

Stepless Entry – for baby strollers, moving in furniture, mobility devices, aesthetically pleasing

Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets – dishes, glasses, plates are all reachable in base cabinet drawers. Children and adults can help themselves regardless of height or ability. Create more windows and let in natural light!

Raised Dishwasher – no need to bend and creates a raised counter top for multi height use

Ageless design supports everyone’s lifestyle. And when it’s done right, you don’t know it’s there until you benefit from it. It is up to the home building industry to build homes that make Ageless Living what it should be. 

“I help builders create and sell homes for more income, impact and industry recognition, unlike other builders who choose to remain the same. This is possible through collaboration and the sharing of our combined knowledge and content.”

If you are a community home builder looking to be the #1 reason why people want to move to your homes, Call Me!

If you are a custom home builder with customers who are empty nesters talking about their forever home, have a family with multiple ages to consider or customers inquiring about ‘aging in place’ features, Call Me!

My Consulting Practices Include The Following:

• Education on The Ageless Home™ and the market / How to Capitalize On It

• Get Your Name In Front Of Retirees, Adult Children, Millennials to Boomers

• Marketing Campaign Design Assistance (including marketing materials and social media outreach)

• Sales Team Training



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