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“A majority of Americans are unfamiliar with efforts to develop robot caregivers for the elderly: 65% say they have heard nothing at all about this topic, and only 6% have heard a lot about it. Although fewer than half of Americans are aware of the effort to develop robot caregivers, a majority (59%) view them as a realistic prospect – with 10% describing this concept as extremely realistic”.

That statement came from The Pew Research Center’s article “America’s attitude toward robot caregivers”   I read all sorts of information from around the world. Much of it has to do with the design of housing and caregiving at home. Being a national speaker on aging in place and the creator of The Ageless Home™, I make it my goal to be well informed of what is, what’s coming, and where it’s coming from. 

Japan happens to be at the forefront of robot caregiving. This article gives you some insight into their strategy. 

Japan has realized that their rapidly aging population will not have the caregivers needed. The traditional actions of the women were to stay at home and take care of the family and that included her immediate family, her parents, and her husband’s parents. Fast forward to today. I recently read an article that stated the one thing that has changed in Japan and in most countries in the world is that women are being educated. 

Today’s statistics show that more women go to college, hold down better jobs longer, deny marriage for their career, and don’t find the need to have children until later in life, if at all. If the younger generations are thinning and the older folks are living to 100…

With that said, there are two choices left. One – get men more involved in caregiving by leaving their job and sharing in the responsibility at home. Or Two – consider robots.

Now that we’re focused on robots again, let me say this from my heart “If America doesn’t open their hearts, minds, and wallets to the fact that our country is aging at an alarming rate and needs to catch up with the progressive actions from countries such as Japan, we will be standing on a slippery slope of destruction that will cause a landslide of no return”

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