The 65+ work group is projected to be the fastest growing segment in the workforce through 2024! According to a December 2017 study by, the number of employed older Americans rose by nearly 35 percent just between 2011 and 2016.

So why is this happening?

One point is that longevity causes people to keep working in order to support their retirement. Many have not saved well for their later years. Another point is that people want to stay active. Many 65+ people have an education and that alone makes them valuable in many markets, especially in the booming senior market. Why not hire a person who knows the work force ropes, has no rushing emergencies at home (children), most likely doesn’t need health insurance, will be fiercely loyal if they believe in your business, and they will give blood, sweat and tears to it. They are very different from the employee that lives check to check.

With all the technology, products and services that are spewing in the ‘senior market’ – I would definitely look to hire someone who actually lives their daily life in that market. Just a thought……


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