WOW! As I live and breathe, Single Story Homes are on the rise! I read an article this morning titled Single-Story Advantage: It Might Be More Than You Think – that made me very excited and had me shouting “Finally!”  I’ve been saying this for a bit now, and I know it’s a bit corny, but RANCH isn’t just a salad dressing anymore!”

As many of you know, I’m a consultant to home builders to help them design, build and market The Ageless Home™ I’m also a national speaker on Aging In Place, which is about living at home for as long as possible. So, when I came across an article that talks about easy living by single-story design that resonates with ALL GENERATIONS – of course I’m going to do a little dance!

There is a rising demand for single story homes. According to the article, out of 22,000 home buyers surveyed, 51% are interested in a single-story home. Like in any industry, demand causes an uptick in price and it’s no different here. Written in the article: “A single-story home sells at an average premium of around 10% relative to a two-story counterpart.”  Now let’s ask “WHO is looking for single-story homes?”

  • Young Couples
  • Mature and Young Families
  • Empty Nesters
  • Retirees

The article talks about costs, demand, and how builders need to find a way to separate themselves from their competitors. I feel this is a start to a great story and that’s where I come in with The Ageless Home™  Builders and land developers that want to make a difference AND be seen as cutting edge, Call Me!

~Valerie Jurik-Henry


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