We all know that the kitchen is the best place to hang out when there is a gathering going on. Why is that?               Maybe it’s the space, or the openness, or the fact that its next to all the food…whatever the reason, the kitchen is a place with a ton of expression.

Did you know that there are different styles of kitchens? Is yours L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Galley, Single wall or G-Shaped? Outside of all the different names and appearances, I personally have a favorite design. Hands down, I LOVE a kitchen with NO upper cabinets! All the dishes, glasses, bowls and whatnot are stored in the deep oversized drawers located in the bottom cabinets. Anyone, of any size, can reach them. On top of that, you now have wall space to create windows to let in all the natural light. No upper cabinets is a feature of an ageless design that I am so passionate about.

Take a look at this article showing different styles in kitchen renovations. The first two pictures show little to no upper cabinets showcasing the light! The simple change makes a huge difference.

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