Welcome to Product Thursday!

When working with home builders, you get the privilege of hearing all the pros and cons of trying to create the perfect living space for their customer. Being a visionary myself, what I hear as a concern, is actually a chance to find a version of a solution that works.

Being a national speaker on Aging In Place, I’m always thinking about design, movement and function.  How do we create a design that allows the best movement for all ages to function in it? It gets a little tougher when you look at houses that are smaller. In today’s market, Millennials are looking for a great living space both inside and out, but not so much the bigger house. Getting furniture to work in a smaller setting can be extremely frustrating.

At Expand Furniture you will find convertible furniture designed for modern living. Apartment and home design has trended towards smaller square footage which results in the necessity for better furniture designs.

Check out the video and look at other furniture designs from around the world. I saw a remote controlled round table that expands!  Enjoy.


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