Welcome to ‘Product Thursday!’

When I work with builders and families, I have to say that discussing the kitchen has to be the most entertaining  for me. When you think about it, there is a LOT of action going on in the kitchen! Outside of it being the gathering room for all your house gatherings, it’s the spot in the house where magic happens! If you like food as much as I do, you know what I mean.

The refrigerator is a center piece in the kitchen. Today there are more choices when choosing a refrigerator style to fit your needs, and one that works with your ability.  In this Consumer Report refrigerator review, they give you 6 minutes of unbiased, pure fact, refrigerator information. (the video is towards the bottom) There are styles that I see working for different needs, all without giving up the sleek, cool, impressive look. Watch till the end and check out the 4 drawer, multi functioning fridge gem!



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