In my email thread today, I came across an article with the title “What Millennial Home Buyers Want” It was a quick synopsis about a session (Two Millennials Tell All) at The International Builders Show (IBS) this year. The speakers were Ali Wolf and Cassie Cherry.

One line from the article said this “While generalities about this group may ring true: This generation prefers experiences over things and likes to “collect moments” rather than sets of good china place settings, there’s actually much more diversity than many people realize.”

NAHB did their own research and you can see the similarities.They had some interesting stats such as:

  • Smaller homes are in and bigger homes are out
  • 75% of Millennials want relaxing outdoor space, vegetable gardens, fences and decks
  • They desire gathering spaces
  • Separate laundry room
  • Overall – this generation likes to be together

Millennials are starting to buy and they know exactly what they want, they will learn how to remodel if need be, and they are NOT into the fanfare. So here I go with my favorite question:

Why don’t builders create housing such as The Ageless Home™? It will cover the Millennial, Boomer, and aging needs. As a nation we need to recognize that sometimes the best solution is right in front of you!

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