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“Bathtub cut-outs have several advantages. They greatly cut down on the risk of a fall, and costs less than completely replacing the entire tub or installing a walk-in-shower. The process can be completed on fiberglass, steel or cast iron bathtubs. The process only takes a few hours and does not disrupt bathroom routines for days as a full replacement might.

When I first saw this product, I immediately knew that it would be a lifesaver for so many people. Having the ability and the independence to bathe is something most of us take for granted. But when one has to climb over the tub with unsteady balance, what once was a no-brainer immediately becomes a safety issue. Getting a complete roll-in-shower is probably the best solution, but when the cost of $5,000-$7,000 is not doable, the bathtub cut-out is an affordable option. Check out my video here

Cost: $1,500-$2,200 installed. The price reflects the width of the opening in the tub from 20″-48″. Call a local construction company to see if they provide this product/service. You can also go online and hire a franchise-type business.


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