In California, single-family homes make up 56.4% of the overall housing stock. But there is a shortage in the affordable housing inventory, so guess what’s making sense and is taking off?

Yes! Granny Flats and ADU’s (accessory dwelling units) also known as small backyard units.

On the West Coast where limited inventory and a lack of affordable housing affect most housing markets, accessory dwelling units (ADUs or ‘granny flats’), are becoming pervasive. To the best of my knowledge, this type of housing is an answer to many housing concerns across our country. Yet, many states are fighting their existence.

As written in this article, many people have the mindset of “not in my backyard, or my neighbors yard, or even my block!” But as Kol Peterson put it “The affordable housing crisis across the U.S. is going to propel the movement forward”  I’m cheering you on Kol!


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